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The Good Old Days of Doing Boxes… A.K.A Dumpster Diving

Back in the good old days of doing boxes you needed a few garages, a big truck or at the least, a van. Diving mostly took place behind warehouses that were located in places called industrial parks. These are pictures of some of my scores . This is the stuff legends are made of….ENJOY P.S The picture is a 30 yard dumpster full of cases of wherthers original candies 1024 cases were scored that night

This dumpster find was submitted by James Jugan. Thanks so much for sharing what you found!

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  1. Dan says

    I have been in the waste industry for 45 years and have seen it ALL. If you don’t like the color of the item you just found, wait, it will show up!! When the $$ is the driver of our actions, we are in trouble and from a waste stand point, we are in trouble!! I get overwhelmed in saving things of value, that I cannot give it away fast enough. My car is always full of give away stuff, so I don’t have room for new”give away stuff” and have to throw. I have many stories—-could fill a book, but I am not a writer!! I am sickened by our wastefulness, by the selfishness that the $$ promotes. I could have built a nice house fully furnished, with the stuff thrown. My one pet peeve with dumpster divers is when I go to pick up a dumpster there is stuff strewn all around it and I “get” to pick it all up!!

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