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Dress for the Occasion

Dress for the Occasion | DumpsterDive360.com

From choosing the right dumpsters to how you search through them, there are a lot of great safety tips for dumpster diving. But did you know safe dumpster diving starts in your closet?

Choosing the right outfit for the occasion can go a long way to prevent injuries and keep you clean. Here are four tips to help you make the right clothing choices for your next dumpster outing.

Wear Durable Pants

Long pants will help protect your legs from materials and objects you might find in a dumpster. The best dumpster diving pants are made of thick, durable materials, like denim or sturdy cotton twill. You can go one step further and invest in a decent set of coveralls. Make sure the coveralls are made of a sturdy material.

Avoid disposable painters coveralls. While they will provide some protection from dirt and stains, they can puncture easily and provide little protection from objects with sharp edges or corners.

With coveralls, you can wear a larger size to allow room to layer clothes underneath so you can quickly and easily remove them before getting back in your car.

If the Shoe Fits

Always wear closed-toed shoes. There can be sharp objects and all kinds of bacteria in a dumpster. Bare feet, sandals, and open-toed shoes increase your rise of exposure to physical hazards as well as materials that could be hazardous to your health. While Crocs™ may be comfy and easy to clean, shoes with open backs should also be avoided.

Your dumpster diving shoes should also have thick, no-slip soles. Thick soles make it harder for objects to pierce through the sole and into your foot while no-slip soles will help you keep your footing in a potentially slick and slippery environment.

Fits Like a Glove

Protect your hands by wearing thick work gloves. Thick gloves, especially those made of goatskin, cowhide or deerskin, are great options. These materials offer durability and flexibility, though the characteristics and qualities of each material vary. For example, goatskin is the most puncture-resistant while deerskin is the most flexible. So take some time to pick the material that offers you the best fit and feel.

Whatever type of gloves you choose, be sure to wear them. Gloves are an important tool for safety and hygiene.

Accessorize Like a Pro

Every outfit can benefit from a few key accessories. For dumpster diving, it’s a good idea to carry a folding knife, screw driver and pliers. You’ll also want to bring something to use as a poker. A pole with hook or grabber are great options.

Whether you’re dumpster diving at night or in daylight, it’s a good idea to wear a head lamp or bring a flashlight. Better yet, do both. A headlamp will help illuminate anything in your line of sight while a flashlight can help you look into more difficult to reach areas. If you’re digging through construction debris, be sure to also wear a respiratory system with a dust mask.

When you’re done digging in a dumpster, do a quick clean up with hand sanitizer or wet wipes. And keep a first aid kit on you or nearby just in case.

Tell Us How You Dress

What other clothing items or accessories are on your “must have” list for dumpster diving?

Visit us DumpsterDive360.com for more tips and tricks and to share your best dumpster finds.

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