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EPA Dumpster Divers that are Undercover Inspectors


Can your plant survive a dumpster diving inspection or a plant inspection by your local CUPA, DTSC or the U.S. EPA?

About This Training…

This training covers regulatory requirements for California generators and practical compliance and enforcement avoidance strategies. Topics include:

  • RCRA & non-RCRA hazardous waste determination and exclusions;
  • Generator classification: Federal or state LQG or SQG, and applicable ID numbers and reports;
  • Point of generation satellite accumulation, storage time limit, and containment requirements;
  • Universal waste identification and management;
  • On-site treatment and off-site transportation requirements; and
  • Recordkeeping and administrative requirements.

Why You Need This Training…

  • Annual hazardous waste training is MANDATORY.
  • Knowing enforcement and violation trends, and new requirements is essential to compliance and avoiding unexpected and punitive enforcement actions
  • California hazardous waste regulations are significantly different and more complicated than federal RCRA regulations.
  • Relatively minor offenses are subject to onerous EPA, state, and local enforcement.

Did You Know…

  • Your plant’s hazardous waste status (RCRA, non-RCRA, non-hazardous) and its generator status (LQG, SQG, CESQG)?
  • Point-of-generation, satellite accumulation, and storage area hazardous waste requirements?
  • What wastes can be legally discharged to the sewer system?
  • Whether hazardous wastes are being treated, and if this treatment requires a permit or other regulatory obligations?
  • Whether employees are being properly trained to handle hazardous wastes, sign manifests, etc.?
  • Whether you are getting the best deals in waste management?
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